Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Saw My C-Section

There is nothing like being checked into the hospital on a rush to the OR. I didn't have time to even think if anything would be painful. Nurses rushed in from all sides, poking this arm and that. They moved quickly talking amongst themselves, slipping me into a hospital gown that exposed my backside. There was no time for pride or modesty, I'm in the hospital. No one cares just you and, nothing beats the docile smile of a nurse with a catheter in her hand.

* NOTE: There is something very unholy regarding a catheter. It's not something one truly wishes, including nonchalant attitudes of the nurses. Could you at least introduce yourself, I'd like to at least know your name. LOL.

Out in the waiting room Yale's mom, was calling a list of friends we have giving her of those that we wanted to know of Lotus's, day early arrival. Yale, was by my side the entire time. In fact, he talked with the nurses asking questions. He's a nursing student after all.

When I reached the OR I was being stuck yet again. "Hi this is going to sting a bit." Said a handsome anaesthesiologist." He was sticking a long needle into my spinal column. "You're going to feel a numbing sensation from your waste down. Now breathe." It kinda pinched. I usually have a low pain tolerance and this was not as painful as expected. Perhaps it was the adrenaline that was pumping through my nerves.

Yep! I was numb from the waste down and that is a weird feeling. My upper body could move but I was feeling nothing as if I had a total disconnect from my own body. The other drug they stuck through my IV, had me giggling and singing the theme from Rocky.

"And I felt nothing ..." like the song from A Chorus Line. You would have thought Yale as assisting in the surgery. "So, you're making the incision there?" He said.

"Uh baby, I'm right here ya know." I said with a giggle.

"Oh sorry my bad." he continued to look on. I decided to look up, I could see the entire surgery in the light. I kid you not. There were my insides being taking out and moved this way and that. Lots of blood. I was in total disconnect. I knew it was me but, due to the numbing sensation I really couldn't connect. I was just laying there watching every thing as if I was in a hospital viewing booth.

Just as things were getting interesting, I saw her, Lotus. She was a bluish pale color and there was no sound. Then I saw them stick a small suction in her nose and mouth and she began to cry.

"Waa, wa, waa!" Lotus's cry was low and raspy not high and piercing. Yale rushed to her side as she was given to the nurses waiting near by. I cried with a joy I don't think I've experienced before. A cry of triumph.

Yale, came over with the 6lb 10 oz Lotus in his hands tears streaming down his beautiful chocolate cheeks. "Look baby, look what we made." we stood there with her crying, smiling, laughing. She was magnificent.

Then it was time for them to clothes me up. I saw them put my insides back in. At times it appeared as if they were shoving my insides back into me. I saw them sew then staple. I sat there in awe of the procedure I had just endured. I sat there hoping a tummy tuck, maybe?


  1. Rain,

    This is such a beautiful picture of you. I must admit, when I had my babies (3) during seperate years (8',93' &2001) I looked horrible, but this picture is look wonderful...I commend you on being strong and still able to enjoy, laugh and share this experience with the way Yale looks like Tiger Woods in your blog family photo...and little lotus is so fat and beautiful...I see daddy Pryor in her...Much love to you and your beautiful family.