Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm am writing this from a moment of sheer dismay. ... How and when will Lotus sleep on her own through the night? What am I doing wrong, when I've tried different techniques? What's a mother to do?

Okay, so at 16 months it was time once again for Lotus to sleep in her own bed. She had been sleeping with mommy and daddy because that was the only way she would sleep through the night. The only way we could have a little private time. Okay, I hear you groaning already.

I get having a baby means the end of most of your private time. But, other parents seem to be able to have it. Other parents nod in this guilty way when asked if their baby sleeps through the night and they say yes. Is it too much to ask?

We have gone back to the FERBER METHOD and, now, her voice is horse from crying and screaming the last 3 nights and she still hasn't slept through the night. And, I am feeling like a terrible parent and at my wits end wondering what on earth am I doing wrong? And, don't get me started on nap time, that's when the most screaming and no napping is done.

So, what is a mother to do? I've changed diapers, not given her something to drink too close to bed time, gone in 10 then 15 then 30 and so on and so on. But, no sooner than later is she awake crying this pitiful cry and every once in a while throwing in a "Mama?!"

It's breaking my heart and I'm almost tempted on giving up this whole FERBER METHOD again to try a more passive "I hope this will work" approach.

Well, that's what I've been up to.

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  1. Oh no!! Are night terrors involved too? This too shall pass but if you don't want your 10 year old sleeping in the bed with you, there is going to have to be some compromise soon. Babywise? What finally worked?