Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sleep? Part 2

Wanted to let you know what has been working the last two nights.

First off we live in a one bedroom apartment and, Lotus's crib is in the alcove of our bedroom. Our bedroom is ridiculously huge, so that for starters.

The sleeping techniques are mostly designed for those who have a second bedroom or other option outside of the parents room. These methods are most effective if they don't involve sharing the same space. So, we had to find a way to be creative.

What has worked the last two nights is this ... A strong bedtime routine which consist of the following

  • beginning at 5:30 PM Lotus is giving 8 oz of milk
  • 6:00 She is giving a snack example, sliced apple
  • 6:30 she is giving a bath
  • 7:00 PM she and I go into the bedroom and sit on the couch and I read a bedtime story and sing while she is in my arms
  • 7:30 PM I place her in the crib * she will cry and I let her for about 15 minutes
  • 7:45 PM I sit with her in the living and if the TV is on I lower the volume and we cuddle
  • 8:00 PM I change her diaper place her back in the crib. * she will cry some more but, she will not scream her little heart out
  • 8:30 she is asleep for the night unless daddy's snores and wakes us both up.

This loving approach has been working the last two nights. I feel this gives her comfort and confidence to fall asleep on her own and, she sleeps for a longer period. Lotus, used to cry for hours then fall asleep maybe for an hour then wake up again. I tried the FERBER METHOD or CRY IT OUT for the first 4 days and I feel it did her harm (her voice horse and she had bags under her eyes) and, I was more exhausted.

So, this is what has been working and I am getting the rest I need. My whole perspective is to use your intuition. YOU KNOW what is going to be right for you and your baby. The experts may have some valid points however, not all methods work for all babies.


  1. For me, instinct is always the most vital part of the equation. We foolishly allowed our kids in our bed and had a "family bed" for about 6 consecutive years. But, the family bed, as well as the inability to fall asleep without being cuddled under mommy's boobs eventually passed and both kids are well-adjusted.

  2. Glad that's working. Everyone needs their sleep, especially babies and their mamas!